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About us

Supa Fresh Market Grocer, a supermarket near you in Caroline Springs is a family-owned business run by a father, mother and two sons. Leveraging 20 years of experience in running fresh fruit and vegetables businesses.

We are here to help make it convenient for families in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne to purchase fresh and premium groceries locally for great value and price.

Our Indian supermarket near you in Caroline Springs is your new local fresh grocer! Bringing you the freshest produce served close to home at the best value.

We offer a wide range of products and services that include fresh fruit and vegetables, groceries, fresh poultry, deli, bread, florist, café and many more! Why choose us? We have four reasons. Locally sourced, Guaranteed Freshness, Value for money and only the best for you and your Family.

Our Roots

Supa Fresh Market Grocer was established by a family in Melbourne consisting of a father and mother and two sons. Mohammed (the owner), has been in the industry since an early age of 9 years old with his father back home in Lebanon. His father used to take him to the wholesalers market in his humble 1970’s Toyota Ute. He was taught from a tender age how to select the best quality fruit at competitive prices to come back and sell it to customers at competitive rates.

The Ute was everything to Mohammed and his father. Mohammed would use the ute’s microphone to announce the day specials and drive around with his father to sell their fresh produce.

In Mohammed’s teenage years, he opened a fruit shop with his father and began selling produce. From there, he built his communication and management skills and learnt to create an income so that he could serve him in his future.

Upon Mohammed’s arrival in Australia with his family, he knew for certain what he wanted to do and instantly entered the fruit industry. From there, he began to build his own family business. He learnt about people’s culture and quickly realised the needs of his audience. He found that the needs that people were searching for were convenience, excellent customer service, honesty and customer satisfaction. The beautiful thing about this all was that it had correlated with his nature – a giving, humble, honest person who willingly offers his service to others.

Mohammed’s small humble initiatives grew in Australia. From being a worker at the fruit market to opening up over 6 different fruit shops – ultimately leading to the grand opening of Supa Fresh.

With knowledge of the industry, people’s needs and his family values, Mohammed is now bringing you the finest. With the best of the best in produce, services, convenience with one-stop shop that every family needs – saving busy people and families: time, money and creating a warm friendly environment to make sure everyone who walks out of Supa Fresh with peace of mind and are happy and satisfied.

Shop, Sip & Savour: Cafe in Caroline Springs

Our Café

At our supermarket near you in Caroline Springs, we’re dedicated to making your shopping experience stress-free and enjoyable from start to finish. That’s why we invite you to reward yourself with a visit to our in-store Café near you in Caroline Springs – the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate before or after your shopping trip. So whether you’re grabbing a coffee near you in Caroline Springs to fuel your shopping trip or simply looking for a pick-me-up during your day, stop by our Café at Supa Fresh Market and treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee today!

Our Florist

We want to make your shopping experience stress-free and enjoyable! Reward yourseAdding beauty and harmony to your home or gifting flowers to a loved one has never been simpler. We provide only the freshest flowers.
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